Karlsruhe ImPulse on the crisis in 2020

In 2020, several global crises collide. They have a surprisingly deep impact on our personal reality and challenge us to act in new ways.

Convinced that we can help shape the way we deal with change, we started a collaborative, structured thinking process in Karlsruhe.

The essence of our virtual collaboration is this impulse. It encourages to effectively use the available momentum to shape change in companies and in society.

We would like to invite you to participate in this impulse and spread it.

The new normal for future-proof organizations.

We believe that we can emerge from this crisis better than we've gotten into it.

Organizations which have already set out to find their new normal do not need a go-ahead for the time after Corona: They're already on their way.

Observing, listening, experimenting and learning are core tasks of modern organizations.

The new normal will not deprive the world of its current dynamics. Mindful and openminded organizations will be able to hold their own better in it.

Modern organizations are humane organizations.

Organizations exist for people. When organizations take care of people, they also take care of themselves. Good leadership lives up to this principle.

Now is the time to make use of new forms and places of working together.

The crisis provides opportunities for completely new experiences and experiments. We've been able to see many things working that previously were only thought of.

People need a more supportive and sustainable new normal.

The past few months were a period to reflect on what is really important for us. Now's the time to shape the future

We believe that we can emerge from this crisis better than we've gotten into it!

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